Coffee, Conversation & the Art of Simple Pleasures.

Welcome to Black Sheep Coffee 

Come visit our cozy space—located at the Ice House in Downtown Harrisonburg. We feature finely crafted espresso, drip coffee and manual pour-over service, using fresh roasted beans from Red Rooster Coffee Roasters, Mudhouse Coffee, and Lexington Coffee Roasters. We use dairy products from Mt. Crawford Creamery. We also carry a great selection of loose-leaf tea blends and cold specialty sodas—Boylan, Maine Root, Harmony Springs, and Blenheim

Our baked treats are made in-house with love, and our menu always offers something new to try. We believe our neighbors deserve variety, quality and great customer service. See you soon! 



Meet The Owner


Soon after moving to Virginia from his native Maine, Chance dove head first into the coffee industry—starting with Mudhouse Coffee Roasters out of Charlottesville. 20 years later, after graduating school and various food service careers, he felt it was time to make his own space in Harrisonburg. 

Chance recognized the potential in this corner of the Ice House while searching for a new location for The Yellow Button—owned by his wife, Miranda. 

Building Black Sheep Coffee was a labor of love—even using reclaimed wood from tables he built for his wedding reception. He envisioned a space with an open floor plan and low counters, to encourage interaction with guests. Isn't that what a coffee house is about?



Meet Your Baristas!



Likes: Coffee, Mountains, Bikes, Pizza, Wyoming, Capitals Hockey, Scotland, Photography, Back to the Future, Loud Music.

Dislikes: Writing in the third person, Decaf, Traffic, Flat Tires, Laundry, Luggage fees.


Erin loves dogs and loves talking about dogs.  She reads library books (they’re always free!) and her dentist told her she doesn’t floss as much as she should.


Madeline loves everyone and everything….but not before 6 cups of coffee. 
“She’s the best barista in town!”
- her mom


Sam is majoring in international business and minoring in Spanish at JMU.  She likes traveling, chocolate, the great outdoors and can most frequently be spotted at Waffle House.


Rachel  likes having good conversation over good coffee, singing in the kitchen, dresses, veggie burgers, and biking around downtown at night.  Can almost always be found covered in flour.




Emma is an amateur web and graphic designer, freelance writer, people-person, dog (and bear) lover and carb addict.  She can most frequently be found questioning her busy schedule in the library at JMU.




Rachel G




217 South Liberty St.
at The Ice House
Harrisonburg, VA 22801


7:00am - 7:00pm